Understanding Dress Collections as Historic Evidence – Part 1

In this article Museum Development Officer Helen Johnson looks at how we can use the historic dress and textile collections to learn about the lives of individuals in Staffordshire.  In Part 1 we explore the wider historic textile and dress collection. The Collection and what it can tell us The Archives and Heritage Service holdsContinue reading “Understanding Dress Collections as Historic Evidence – Part 1”

Winter Salads

In the Paget collection at Staffordshire Record Office amongst the household accounts is a wonderful document headed “Twelfe daye Wednesdaye the vith of Januarie 1580″. It lists the seven guests invited to Beaudesert for this day, with their servants to attend for dinner which was at mid-day and, along with an estimated hundred of LordContinue reading “Winter Salads”

Staffordshire Past Track – behind the scenes

This third and final piece on Staffordshire Past Track takes a look behind the scenes at how images are scanned, processed, researched and published on-line by the Museum Service’s staff and volunteers. Scanning Most of the scanning is undertaken by our Digitisation Technician, Howard Dixon and volunteer Bob Metcalfe.  Usually, the initial scan is asContinue reading “Staffordshire Past Track – behind the scenes”

Creating Staffordshire’s Extensive Urban Survey

In my previous blog post I highlighted a number of digital resources that may be helpful to those interested in learning about archaeology and the historic environment from the comfort of their own home.  This blog focusses on one of the Staffordshire-specific resources that I recommended, the Staffordshire Extensive Urban Survey (EUS). As an archaeologistContinue reading “Creating Staffordshire’s Extensive Urban Survey”

Tithe Maps as a source for Garden History

Thanks to fundraising efforts of our friends group (FoSSA) we have been able to digitise our collection of tithe maps for Staffordshire and they can now be viewed here: https://www.search.staffspasttrack.org.uk/search.aspx?SearchType=2&PageIndex=1&ThemeID=774. Their accompanying tithe apportionments have been fully indexed by our brilliant volunteers and can be searched here: https://www.staffsnameindexes.org.uk/default.aspx?Index=P. Dianne Barr, Sue Gregory and Richard TottyContinue reading “Tithe Maps as a source for Garden History”

Staffordshire Past Track – what does it contain?

Following on from my previous blog with some tips on how to use Staffordshire Past Track http://www.staffspasttrack.org.uk we are now going to have a look at the kinds of resources the site contains. The majority of the 40,000 plus resources are photographs, but there are also paintings, prints, drawings, maps, objects, documents, video clips andContinue reading “Staffordshire Past Track – what does it contain?”

Useful Library Resources

Libraries have a good range of online resources that could be useful when conducting research. These resources are free to access for all Staffordshire Library members using their library card and PIN. It is easy and free, to join here – http://www.staffordshire.gov.uk/JoinYourLibrary The OED Online has recently been updated with a new look and severalContinue reading “Useful Library Resources”

Archaeology in the time of Corona

These are indeed strange and worrying times for us all as many sectors of the economy have been placed into a state of hibernation and most of us are largely confined to our homes. Archaeology, commercial or otherwise, has not been spared as economic uncertainty and social distancing guidance has contributed to the postponement ofContinue reading “Archaeology in the time of Corona”

Staffordshire Past Track – an introduction on how to use it

The Staffordshire Past Track website http://www.staffspasttrack.org.uk is a popular and valuable on-line resource of visual resources relating to the history and heritage of Staffordshire.  Launched in 2002 and revamped and improved over the years, there are now well over 40,000 items on the site.  These not only include photographs, but also paintings, prints, maps, objectsContinue reading “Staffordshire Past Track – an introduction on how to use it”

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